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Sorry, no programs here yet! But after all, I'm nice to you, so I'll tell you my projects ^^;; Here they go:

  reload v01 - Reload is gonna be a program like my own site.php. It makes it much easier for you to make your sites; you just make a layout, you code it into the install, and from there, you create all the other pages. Reload will make all your pages get into your coded layout automatically!

  bloggle v01 - You may already have guessed, what this program is! It's a blog. Not as good as Blogger and Greymatter, but it will be okay, hopefully. I have all the codes, it's just putting it all together. We'll see, hopefully, I'm making it. You decide, if you like it.

  keeper v01 - The title may not be so realizing, but it's a guestbook. You hopefully can use it on every PHP-server, you have, because some doesn't understand some of the PHP-functions. I hope, some will use it; I'll make it as good, as I can.

  kaunta v01 - A counter! This one will be easy to make, and I'll make it, so you can change the numbers yourself. I'll make a text and an image-version, so you can choose, if you don't know, which is best.

  footprint v01 - A chat-program! This one will be the hardest, but if I can make a guestbook, I hopefully can make a chat too. I need some scripts to put it together, so we'll see.

I dunno, if I can make all these projects, but you can always feel free to request something ^^;; I'm always there. Well, almost. I will renounce, when the first script is on board. Let's just all wait for the future. By the way, a manual goes with all the downloads.

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