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First of all, I would like to say thanks to my host link-finder.dk; the owner is my best friend, so thank you very much. Also, I would like to say thanks to all my visitors for visiting my site and the PHP-group for creating such a great and useful programming language. You guys are revolutionary!

Well, you may already have guessed, what this section really is about...here I'll post some great links, who will lead to some great PHP-sites. If you mail me about your site, and I like it, maybe I'll post you here too! Well, here goes the links:

  php.net - PHP's official site. Very useful, when you want to find out about the functions or wanna know, how you use PHP correct. Definetly the most imformative site about PHP, I've ever seen. If you wanna learn PHP, start there and get back here!

  phpbuilder.com - This site's got many really good articles! I like this one. You could here learn everything bout PHP; from A to Z, from online shopping to normal functions and so on. Visit it now!

  hotscripts.com/php - A very big PHP-script-collection made by users of PHP all over the world. I use it very much, mostly because I need an idea of a new script, but also because I love to look at other people's script. That makes me make my own! ^^;;

  fusion - This is one of my favourite sites. The design is always beautiful, and the use of PHP makes it easy to make, use and navigate the site. The webmaster is very nice too. Nearly all the sites under the site is written in PHP, and that makes the site really cool.

Some of the others are danish:

webcafe.dk; php-center.dk; netcoders.dk; eksperten.dk; anything.dk; mbn.dk; razor.dk

Everything on this site, layouts, scripts and information, is copyrighted the owner Rollo. If you take anything, please give credit. If you don't, I will hunt ya. I hate copycats. If I took anything from any visitor, please mail me, and I'll remove it as quick as I can.
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