... ouverture / rollo?

Well, since this page is two parts of text, we'd better split it all up into two. Here it goes:

... ouverture

OK, some people may wonder, why this site is called Ouverture. Ouverture is used all over the world to start something; mostly it is used in classical music. Ouverture is not the word, the american and english use, they just pop the first U out and get Overture. I felt like doing it in old danish, so I wrote Ouverture as the title, and here it is. You start Ouverture: You start PHP. Just as simple, as it sounds.

I felt like doing this site, because I wanted to spread out the PHP-phenomenon. PHP is a very useful programming language, and as I said on the main page, it could be very handy sometimes. It would take me forever to explain, how good PHP is, when you need it. You may ask me, if there's something, you don't exactly know; mail me at bayleefforest@hotmail.com. I started this site January 7th, 2002, and you can see the updates right here since the opening date. Also, I put some free scripts on the site, so you can download and try out for yourself! Ain't that great? I'm really nice to you...

There's not really much to say about Ouverture...so let's move on to the other part!

... rollo

I think, I explained a lot on the main page about myself (don't you remember?), but for you, we'll take it all over again. My name is Rollo, OK, my real name isn't Rollo, but I won't say my real name, unless you're a really close friend to me. Well, I'm proud to be 12 (soon 13!), and I guess, I'm a teen ^^;; I'm really big because of my age...in my age of twelve, I'm about 5'10''. My weight is not so important XD, and I'm a boy (you can hear of ma nick name). I live in Denmark, I won't say precisely, where I live, but I hope, it's okay :o) Well, I'm very sensitive, and when I get angry, I'm REALLY angry. I'm what some people call temperamental. I got bluegreengrey eyes (really, it's true!), and when I was in an age of 3-4, my hair was red, now it's pure brown, nearly black; I just ask myself, what a change. In my early days, I was really small...now I'm nearly the highest in my grade. Ah well, a lot can change in 3-4 years...

I've owned a lot of sites, since I started homepagemaking December 23th 1998, and I always thought, it was kinda interesting. I made my first personal site, a very funny one, with different background colors all over the place. No tables, just pure fun with myself and some important things in my life. ^^;; I dropped it in July 1999, and I made another personal page from February 17th till February 18th 2000, which got a lot more success. I mean, the first page wasn't even on the net. I experimented a lot with it until the end of June 2000, where I started my first Pokémon-page. It got a lot of visitors in the time, it existed, and I made Bayleef Forest December 14th 2000, some of you outhere may remember it. A very interesting site, but it did never get up again =_=;; After the time, where BF broke, I worked on other sites, and made a lot of other sites, but they never got something big. And now: Here I am. I made this site, and I hope, you like it. My resolution for new year 2002 was to finish my projects, so this site has entered your world. Welcome to it and enjoy!

Not much else to say...let's just say, this page is finished!

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